The Victorian Men's Shed Association first came together as a group of representatives looking to promote the benefits of Men's Sheds, and to provide a forum for existing and new sheds to share and exchange idea's on setup and operation.

The Victorian Men's Shed Association Inc was officially incorporated in September 2007, by Consumers Affairs in Victoria.

Operating now as a not-for-profit incorporated association the VMSA is recognised as the State Peak Body representing Men's Sheds in Victoria.

Our Vision

for all Victorian men to be happy and healthy contributors within their local community

Our Mission

to provide a forum for Victorian sheds to network, exchange idea's, share expeniences and promote wellbeing

Our Role

The role of the VMSA as the Peak Body for sheds in Victoria is to promote the profile of sheds and "shedding" within the Victorian community, and to represent the interests of Victorian sheds to government, business and community organisations. We also provide practical advice, assistance, support and guidance for Victorian Men's Sheds.

The VMSA has advocated on behalf of our members with the Victorian Government and this has seen the establishment of the "Strengthening Men's Sheds Program". This program provides $1,000,000 (Million) per annum, to assist with the building of new sheds, or the refurbishment of existing buildings to suit a men's shed, and cover some operational costs for the VMSA.

This funding is still continuing today.The latest round allowed for a maximum grant avaiability of $60,000 for new buildings and $30,000 for renovations.

Since the announcement of these grants, the Victorian Government has made in excess of $8 Million dollars made available to the benefit of more than 200 sheds across the state.

The VMSA has also forged partnerships with Robert Bosch Australia and Ozito Industries, that allows for the distribution of superseded / refurbished tools and equipment to sheds.

The VMSA has also assisted many other organisations to distrubute tool, equipment and materials to our member sheds.