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VMSA Special Bulletin April 2017



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Special Bulletin
APRIL 2017

Dear Member

VMSA Bulletin

For all Members, Sheds, Auspicing Bodies and Stakeholders.

The three VMSA Committee representatives, Lindsay Oates, President VMSA; Phil. Keily, Vice President; and Ric. Blackburn, Executive Officer; met with the representatives of the “4 States in Conversation” on the 29th March together with the facilitator Peter Lustig, a lawyer; and then met with Kevin Callinan, OAM, Chairman of the AMSA Board and Paul Sladdin, AMSA Board Independent Director, on the 30th March 2017. The purpose of the meeting was to see if we could resolve the differences between the “4 States in Conversation” and the AMSA Board.

The following communique has been agreed upon and issued by all those attending and representing the Western Australian Men’s Shed Association, the Queensland Men’s Shed Association, the Tasmanian Men’s Shed Association and the Victorian Men’s Shed Association and Kevin Callinan, OAM, and Paul Sladdin representing the AMSA Board. Unfortunately, the other States and Territories were unable to attend. However, another meeting with everyone again being invited is being planned.

Meeting of Sheds organisations 30th March 2017

Quality Hotel, Melbourne Airport


Kevin Callinan; OAM, Chairman, Australian Men’s Shed Association

Paul Sladdin; Board Member Australian Men’s Shed Association

Lindsay Oates; President, Victorian Men’s Shed Association

Ric. Blackburn; Executive Officer, Victorian Men’s Shed Association

Phil. Keily; Vice President, Victorian Men’s Shed Association.

Gary Bryant; Executive Officer, Western Australian Men’s Shed Association.

Michael Woodhouse; Committee Member, Western Australian Men’s Shed Association.

Trevor Taylor; President, Western Australian Men’s Shed Association.

Peter Shelley; Past President, Tasmanian Men’s Shed Association

Bob Thomas; President, Tasmanian Men’s Shed Association.

Keith Ellis; Secretary, Tasmanian Men’s Shed Association.

Ken Kipping; Committee Member, Queensland Men’s Shed Association.

Murray Rogash; President, Queensland Men’s Shed Association.

Peter Lustig, Facilitator, collaborative practitioner, mediator, lawyer.


The summary below is the outcome of the meeting held on 29th and 30th of March 2017 between the “4 States in Conversation” and the “4 States in Conversation” representatives and representatives of the AMSA.

Both meetings were facilitated Mr Peter Lustig, an independent Facilitator.

The meetings were positive, enabling a range of issues to be discussed and misunderstandings to be resolved. Not everything was resolved, but all participants agreed that we had moved forward.

The outcomes summarised below are those upon which “a consensus had been reached. "

AMSA Structure

The meeting reached consensus that State Associations could be incorporated, independent legal entities with some variations in their rules and structure, within the broad objectives of the Men’s Shed Movement.

Board Structure

  • The meeting reached consensus on an ideal structure for the AMSA Board as being:
  • One person nominated by each of the State Associations.
  • Up to 3 skills-based Directors to be appointed by the Board.
  • A Chairman elected by the Board, with no vote except for a deciding vote in the case of a tied vote.
  • The immediate past Chairman, with no vote.
  • One further Director nominated by the State which originally nominated the person elected to be Chairman.

There was further consensus that the Territories are entitled to representation and that more work would be done to decide the best way in which to deliver this representation.

There was further consensus that more work be done to decide a structure enabling State Association to replace a representative whenever they choose, regardless of nominal term.

There was further consensus that more work be done to decide the term of the Past Chairman.


The meeting reached consensus to conduct a survey of Sheds nationally, using a research professional, to determine the attitude of the movement to various membership structure options. The results will guide ongoing work and decisions on the membership structure.

All Sheds nominated by AMSA or their State Association will be included, regardless of their current membership status.

The key issue is whether Sheds should have the option of being direct members of AMSA, alternative to or in addition to membership via their State Association.

Business name

Kevin undertook to ask the AMSA Board to consider transferring ownership of the Men’s Sheds WA business names to WAMSA.

Involvement of TMSA and WAMSA

Kevin undertook that the AMSA Board would consider including TMSA and WAMSA in the meeting planned by AMSA involving the States and Territories.

Kevin undertook that the AMSA Board would consider re-admittance of WAMSA and TMSA.

Moving forward

The meeting reached consensus to continue the process begun, including by further meetings, to be held in Melbourne in late May or early June.

This communiqué is to be distributed to participants and then if agreed will be distributed by AMSA and State Associations to their members.

Cluster Meetings or Heads of Sheds Meetings in the next two months:

The VMSA Committee’s representatives would like to know if there are any Cluster or Heads of Sheds Meetings being held within the next two months or being planned. They would like to attend these meetings if possible and talk very briefly on the above discussions to inform Shedders of the successful outcomes to date and to answer any questions.


This is a major step forward by all parties and we hope that it will be the beginning of having all States and Territories working, sharing and communicating together in conjunction with AMSA.


Lindsay Oates.

VMSA President.





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Friday 23rd June 2017


VMSA Gathering:


Inverloch Men’s Shed

Further details will be forthcoming on these events.

Lindsay Oates
VMSA President


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