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      VMSA Strategic Plan July 2017


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Dear Shedders

Please find attached the Strategic Plan that the VMSA Committee has compiled after some research and a lot of work. As was announced at the last Gathering at Inverloch on the 23rd June, the Strategic Plan is ready for comment. 

The VMSA now wishes to involve its member Sheds and recommends that Sheds read and study this document and make some comments if they wish and for those comments to be sent to the Executive Officer, care of the above e-mail or postal address. 

The VMSA Committee also recommends that as well as reading and commenting on the Strategic Plan perhaps your Shed may like to have its own Strategic Plan and if so, your Shed is free to change and adapt this Plan to suit your goals for perhaps the next three years.(See VMSA website below for basic template http://www.vmsa.org.au/images/Documents/MOU_Examples/Basic_Strategic_Plan_Template_with_MS_examples.docx

The VMSA Committee sees this document as a living document. It is a guiding document that can be added to or, if circumstances change, it too can be changed. Sheds may see this as an opportunity for advising the VMSA on taking action for the benefit of Victorian Sheds and for such action to be included in the Strategic Plan. If so the VMSA Committee would like to hear from your Shed.

Such a document is invaluable for your Committee and the Community to know that your Shed has goals and a vision for the future. It is each Shed’s responsibility to have such a document as it plans for the future, as Strategic Plans are required with many grant applications these days. Furthermore, the VMSA is finding that new Shed members are also asking for such documents as they join.

It is the intention of the VMSA Committee that once it has received feedback on this document and these suggestions have been considered that the Strategic Plan will be presented for endorsement at the AGM on Nov. 24th. 2017.

Once this document has been adopted, the VMSA Committee intends to be regularly reporting to its members on its progress against the VMSA Strategic Plan.

The VMSA Committee would like to have all responses from its members in by October 2nd. 2017. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact: Ric. Blackburn, VMSA Executive Officer, via e-mail above or via mobile 0408 465 228. 

I look forward to hearing from your Shed.

Yours sincerely.

Lindsay Oates,
Victorian Men's Shed Association.
President 2016 – 2017.

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