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Shed Insurance

 The Victorian Men's Shed Association at the request of its members have been able to locate 2 additional suppliers of insurance for sheds. Both of these organisations have a competitive package  that covers the following items

  • Industrial Special Risks
  • General (Public) & Products Liability
  • Association Liability
  • Personal Accident and
  • Motor Fleet Contingency.

 Contact details for these organisations are:

Jobs Australia / Jardine Lloyd Thompson                                                                 AJ Gallaghers

Michelle Santos                Phone: 03 9613 1481                                                          Daniel James                     Phone: 1800 316 432

Lauren Malkin                   Phone: 03 9613 1423                                                          Chris Lethborg                   Phone: 1800 316 432                   

Email:                                                                          Email:                                

Website:                           https://www.ja.com.au/node/198867                              Website:                           http://info.ajg.com.au/mens-shed

For further details on the coverage offered by these organisations, please refer to the individual websites or call and discuss your requirements with the contacts above.

The VMSA does not receive a commission or payment from the purchase of a policy from either of these companies.






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Special Bulletin

Dear VMSA Member

In our special Bulletin for January, we advised that the VMSA has been asked by member Sheds to assist them in providing information on other alternatives with insurers. The VMSA sought information and quotes from two different Insurance Brokers to enable Sheds to make their choice and to look at these options and to compare them to what their current insurer offers.

We now have finalised details from Jobs Australia, and details on the policy are below, and available on the Jobs Australia website https://www.ja.com.au/community-sector-blanket-cover-insurance-program/blanket-cover-program-mens-sheds-and-volunteer-prog


Jobs Australia Ltd and its broking partner at Jardine Lloyd Thompson Pty Ltd (JLT) have created a blanket cover insurance scheme specifically tailored to assist Men’s Sheds in mitigating the risks associated with their operating environment.

This program is managed by Jobs Australia, a not-for-profit National peak body that provides policy and advocacy advice to its members as well as providing the community sector access to a suite of business services - the Blanket Cover Insurance Program being one.

Input has been sought from the Men’s Sheds State Associations in Western Australia, Tasmania and Victoria in creating this Program. Each of these Associations are members of Jobs Australia and therefore their members are eligible for access to this service.


The cost for accessing this programme is $26.40 per member including GST and covers the items above.
Please note that building insurance is not included in this programme, building insurance is available at an additional cost for those sheds that require it.
To obtain a quotation for building insurance please complete the details under building insurance on the Men’s Shed Insurance application form and forward via the details on the last page.



The second option that available is from AJ Gallagher who have used their Local and International leverage to offer an extremely competitive Insurance package with generous levels of cover, the Men’s Shed Insurance program includes:


Industrial Special Risks

Provides automatic blanket cover limit for up to $500,000 any one loss for shed property / physical assets, which includes:

  • Buildings
  • Contents, Plant and Equipment
  • Fixtures and Fittings

Excesses start at $250 for general claims.
Flood cover is included to a limit of $100,000 (Excess may vary due to locality and to be determined at time of application and review).
Larger sheds that exceed the automatic $500,000 cover limits can be catered for on an individual basis and additional premium would be applicable.


Association Liability

Designed for not-for-profit organizations, this insurance covers the office bearers and employees against personal liability for breaches of their duties as well as the organization’s liability.

Policy features:

  • Professional indemnity cover for the provision of professional services
  • Association liability cover for claims against the association
  • Office bearer's liability cover and association reimbursement for claims against directors, officers and employees of the association
  • Employment practice liability such as wrongful dismissal or discrimination claims
  • Representation expenses at official investigations or inquiries
  • Fidelity cover, and
  • Tax audit insurance.


  • Professional indemnity:$1,000,000 anyone one claim and $3,000,000 in the aggregate any one period of insurance
  • Management Liability: $3,000,000 aggregate limit

Refer to Association Liability table for full limits and details. 

Public and Products Liability

  • General Liability : $40,000,000 any one occurrence
  • Products Liability: $40,000,000 any one occurrence and $80,000,000 aggregate limit
  • Care, custody and control $250,000
  • $1,000 excess, any one occurrence  

Motor Fleet Contingency (Non Owned)

Offers rating / excess protection for member’s vehicles whilst on shed related business.


Personal Accident Cover – Staff & Volunteers

Cover under this policy shall only apply whilst the insured person is actually engaged in unpaid work performed on behalf of the insured provided always that the policy shall apply only in respect of such officially organised by and under the control of the insured Including

  • necessary direct travel to, from or during.
  • apply only in respect of such officially organised by and under the control of the insured
  • Including necessary direct travel to, from or during.

Category 1: All Participants of the Insured
Category 2: Voluntary Workers of the Insured
Category 3: Board/Committee members of the Insured

  • Aggregate limits of liability: $5,000,000
  • Non-scheduled airflights / charter / helicopter $2,000,000
  • Geographical Scope: Worldwide 

The cost for accessing this programme is $16.50 per member including GST and covers the items above.

We have a dedicated and experienced Men’s Shed team our on hand to support your sheds nationally and provide advice, guidance and support on any insurance related matters.
Our Men’s Shed team includes:

  • Dan James: Team Leader
  • Eoin Leonard: Community Care Broker
  • Christopher Lethborg: Community Care Broker

Link to dedicated website               http://info.ajg.com.au/mens-shed

Email address for any enquires    



Please contact a member on the team on 03 9412 1555 or contact
The VMSA does not recommend the Jobs Australia Policy or the AJ Gallagher policy over the AMSA Group policy. These two additional policies have been sourced as options as some of our members have asked for alternative insurance policies for comparison with their current policies..
The VMSA strongly suggest you review the policies being offered, look at what is covered, look at the amount covered under each risk type, look at the excess that is payable if you need to claim, and work out which policy is best for your shed.
If you have any questions in regards to the policies please contact the companies concerned on the numbers provided on their websites.


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